San Diego State


Welcome to the official website of the Sigma Chi Psi Colony at San Diego State



The Sigma Chi Psi colony was established at San Diego State in the Spring of 2017. Our colony's mission is to forge an everlasting family of gentlemen and leaders to elevate both campus and community. We seek to accomplish this by living out the values that Sigma Chi practices. We are excited to be able to represent Sigma Chi at San Diego State, as the Delta Xi chapter has years of proud history that we hope to revitalize in the near future.

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We pride ourselves on living Sigma Chi's values out loud, and exemplifying the Jordan Standard in our daily lives. Sigma Chi Psi believes that creating a group with brothers of different talents, temperaments, and convictions develops a stronger, closer bond among brothers, as opposed to simply finding members that all have the same interests.



Sigma Chi Psi seeks to be the primary organization on campus that builds values-based leaders. We do this by taking the lessons taught from Sigma Chi and discussing, reflecting on, and practicing enacting the values and strategies that are taught. The words of our founders remind us that "Only as the ideals for which this badge stands take possession of my heart and become exemplified in my life, will I ever know the deepest meanings of the White Cross of Sigma Chi."